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The post financial crisis age has paused challenges to both individuals and companies to improve revenue and cost management so as to work better in an increased regulatory and compliance environment. Proactive Consult has specific expertise in the Property and Real Estate Accounting, Tax Advisory and International business structuring and development. We also offer our services to the general business community.

Property Ownership Structuring

What kind of entity will you buy your upcoming property project? Is it a;

► Company
► Personal names
► Partnership
► Structured investment vehicle
► Trusts
► Will you do nothing?

Such is the dilemma #Propertyinvestors and #Propertydevelopers have.
With it comes financing risks and tax risk exposures. The entity chosen will determine the following taxes either at acquisition, during the holding time or when you decide to transfer or dispose off your ownership. Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Inheritance Tax (IHT), Income Tax and Corporation Tax.
Prudence guides how property investors or developers map out their tax and other risks.

Unregulated Morgages

We work with lenders to get property developers and investors great deals to finance UK property projects, the products include:

► Bridging Finance
► Development finance
► Commercial mortgages
► Buy to let mortgages

Email: consult@proactiveconsult.co.uk

Property Business Advisory

Engaged in property business? Are you into:

► Property Trading
► Property Investments
► Property Development

UK property has become an asset of choice for many looking to shield themselves from long term value erosion or in search of short term returns.
We are on the cutting edge of mordern Property business advisory for UK and International property investors and developers, providing a one stop shop for Property business.
Talk to our team about agile and innovative property investment strategies!
We approach property investments and development from a risk perspective. With well though through strategies that creates value and protects from value erosion. Contact us for a quick review of your property business.

International Business Formations and Corporate Services

The World is a global village filled with opportunities under heaven. Setting up businesses across the globe can be daunting and challenging.
International business opportunities are inherently encumbered by international business risk exposures whose crystallisation erodes value.
Our team of experienced business professionals will work with you to reduces the effect of property business risks.
We help you plan and set up your business presence in an effective and efficient way. For all your company formation services and asset registration around the world, contact us and we are always delighted to be of help.

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